HOWTO set up your own TomeNET server

This HOWTO is outdated. Newer server versions are available on the download page.



Download either the normal server or the RPG server. For more information about the RPG server see the RPG server FAQ.

Normal server Winter Season server 'RPG' server

Unpack the archive with WinRAR.

Note: If you don't have Cygwin installed, you need to create the directory C:\tmp (change the letter if you didn't install the server on the C drive) or the server will crash frequently.

Edit tomenet.cfg and then run tomenet.server.exe


Obtain the source code from CVS by running the following commands:

cvs login
<press enter when prompted for a password>
cvs -z9 co tomenet

Go to the tomenet/src directory

cd tomenet/src

Run make and make install. You need to have a compiler and some other basic tools installed.

make install

Return to the main TomeNET directory

cd ..

Edit tomenet.cfg with your favorite editor

$EDITOR tomenet.cfg

Run the server


Running your own server


After your server is running use the TomeNET client to create your first account. You can quit before making any characters. If you have Cygwin installed, you can use the account editor to modify accounts.

You can also use a hex editor to manually validate your first account and make it an admin account. Locate offset offset 5 whose value should be 0x09 and set it to 0x0A.

Dungeon Masters and Wizards

When you create a character on an admin account, the character will become a Dungeon Master if it has the same name as the account, otherwise it'll become a Dungeon Wizard. Dungeon Masters are invisible to normal players and cannot die.

Both Dungeon Masters and Dungeon Wizards can use admin commands. Players can be validated with the /val command (short for /validate). For other commands type /help or see slash.c.

Shutting down the server

Admins can use the /quit command to shutdown the server. Type /quit 0 for an instant shutdown.

The server will also shutdown if you press control-C 5 times in its terminal window.

Reporting to the metaserver

This should be disabled by default but you can enable it in tomenet.cfg by setting REPORT_TO_METASERVER to true. The server needs to be restarted after tomenet.cfg is modified.


cygwin1.dll conflicts

All your programs must use the same version of cygwin1.dll. TomeNET server won't run if you're already running another program that uses different version of cygwin1.dll.

Solution: Find all cygwin1.dll files and replace them with a single version of cygwin1.dll.