Here's a collection of posts from the old forums. I grabbed these from the following topics:

Made a tomenet video. Quite boring though, nothing went wrong. Some highlights are:

Ancalagon the Black @ minute 13
Thiazi vault-dodge-age @ minute... 24 or so
and tiamat+mardra near the end.

Mana Shaman (essentially) with a HT rogue. No glyphs were harmed in the making of this video, but a helluvalot of animals were.
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Another one (started about 5 minutes after the previous run). We (at least I) were dead tired toward the end. Can't even remember how many times my DS were taken off anymore. Too many times. RNG nearly pwned on 1:02 mark.

A definite highlight is another ancalagon kill on minute 16. Some massive pwnage here and there, especially vs Vecna and Feagwath. Oh, and the rogue got a gwop kill somewhere there. And 2 destroyers. Mana school by itself is pretty
much inadequate against most unis, evidently.

We found a venus flytrap pit too!!!

Oh and Pikachu saved some people in the middle of it. After Anca kill IIRC.
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Another one! Yay.
Double kinging episode-- with the pokemon doing absolutely nothing.
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Ardi's side of the world:
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Introducing Mt. Doom! The dungeon is no recall up/down, but a heaven for form hunters =)

Solo run, hunting the last of my gold dragonriders for form and getting the last 550k exp to get skill points for enough mimicry. Vecna was a fun 60k exp bomb =)

~550-dmg-per-turn mage is quite painful as you can see, but not impossible. MD would've been useful here and there, but hardly necessary outside of NR.
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Eep & Kimchie slaying good and evil alike: Saurons, Michael, Ancalagon and Morgoth at the end.

That little hole sucks, by the way =)
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