RPG server info

Most notable differences

  • Add dungeons are ironman
    • Recalling is restricted (see below)
    • You must go down in dungeons and up in towers. Stairs only lead in one direction
  • All players will be unwordly (only one life, no ghost)
  • The official RPG server is also often used as a testing server

More differences (incomplete)

  • There is a number of additional dungeon shops which appear after dungeon level 12 (600ft)


  • You can recall when you reach the bottom of any dungeon (or the top of any tower).
  • You can recall every 500ft (10 dungeon levels) in Mordor (Gondolin town dungeon), Paths of the Dead (Minas Anor), Angband (Lothlorien and Khazad-dum)
  • In wilderness dungeons (outside towns) recall levels will be generated randomly starting at dungeon level 30 (1500ft)
  • You will receive the message "You don't sense a magic barrier here..." when you enter a recall level (the /feeling command also gives this message)