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Number of results: 1097

 NameLvl NameLvl NameLvl
@Player0 INeekerbreeker19 BGiant roc40
fScrawny cat0 #Huorn19 HMinotaur40
hFarmer Maggot0 gAquatic golem19 nMedusa, the Gorgon40
pThe Princess0 ~Ixitxachitl priest19 pWyrd sister40
@Hurin Thalion, the Last Lord of Dor-Lomin0 pMindcrafter20 UVrock40
~Goldfish0 PHill giant20 uDeath quasit40
~Carp0 FGiant black dragon fly20 pPatriarch40
BChaffinch1 oBolg, Son of Azog20 pMaster mindcrafter40
rWild rabbit1 SPhase spider20 eEye of the deep40
tWoodsman1 hLizard king20 ~Jaws40
mGrey mold1 BGreat eagle20 UWater demon40
JLarge white snake1 #Livingstone20 GMature spirit40
,Grey mushroom patch1 ZEarth hound20 hHigh-elven ranger40
RNewt1 ZAir hound20 WUvatha the Horseman40
cGiant white centipede1 fSabre-tooth tiger20 DBlue Dragonrider40
iWhite icky thing1 ZAcid hound20 SElder aranea40
iClear icky thing1 HChimaera20 HThe Minotaur of the Labyrinth40
rGiant white mouse1 QQuylthulg20 mEmperor Mimic40
JLarge brown snake1 YSasquatch20 pSwordsmaster40
kSmall kobold1 CWeir20 yThe Kung-Fu Yeek from Hell40
wWhite worm mass1 pRanger20 ~Giant squid41
eFloating eye1 pPaladin20 TRogrog the Black Troll41
RRock lizard1 CWerewolf20 DAncient black dragon41
IGrid bug1 hDark-elven lord20 pRanger chieftain41
CJackal1 hElven archer20 DAncient red dragon41
aSoldier ant1 oElite uruk20 DAncient gold dragon41
bFruit bat1 iThe Icky Queen20 UStrygalldwir41
IInsect swarm1 JElectric eel20 HGiant headless41
hMerton Proudfoot, the lost hobbit1 ~Whale20 jUbbo-Sathla, the Unbegotten Source41
hMelinda Proudfoot1 ZAquatic hound20 hDark-elven sorcerer41
jSusceptible Test Blob1 wBronze dragon worm20 LMaster lich41
cWhite wolf cub1 wGold dragon worm20 UByakhee41
jCharged Test Blob1 M3-headed hydra20 UFormless spawn of Tsathoggua41
BRobin1 wBlue dragon worm20 DAncient dragon turtle41
kKobold2 wWhite dragon worm20 pGorlim, Betrayer of Barahir41
,Shrieker mushroom patch2 wGreen dragon worm20 UHezrou41
iBlubbering icky thing2 wBlack dragon worm20 UGlaryssa, Succubus Queen41
pNovice warrior2 wRed dragon worm20 HServitor of the outer gods41
pNovice rogue2 pUnbeliever20 DAncient silver dragon41
pNovice priest2 oUgluk, the Uruk21 MScylla42
pNovice mage2 bBlue dragon bat21 VVampire lord42
,Yellow mushroom patch2 mMimic21 UHunting horror42
jWhite jelly2 vFire vortex21 LIron lich42
aGiant black ant2 vAcid vortex21 GDread42
RSalamander2 oLugdush, the Uruk21 RGreater basilisk42
HWhite harpy2 uArch-vile21 ~Charybdis42
yBlue yeek2 vCold vortex21 pEilinel the Entrapped42
CGrip, Farmer Maggot's dog2 vEnergy vortex21 PBiclops43
CWolf, Farmer Maggot's dog2 ~Globefish21 EVargo, Tyrant of Fire43
CFang, Farmer Maggot's dog2 zMummified orc21 EWaldern, King of Water43
RGiant green frog2 THill troll21 WZephyr Lord43
fFreesia2 ~Stargazer21 gJuggernaut of Khorne43
wGreen worm mass2 FGiant gold dragon fly22 DAncient multi-hued dragon43
JLarge yellow snake2 dWyvern22 UDark young of Shub-Niggurath43
SCave spider2 JSerpent man22 .Colour out of space43
BCrow2 #Vampiric mist22 EQuaker, Master of Earth43
fWild cat2 KKiller stag beetle22 EAriel, Queen of Air43
cGiant yellow centipede2 gIron golem22 WAdunaphel the Quiet43
~Pike2 SGiant yellow scorpion22 UGlabrezu43
cMetallic green centipede3 wSandworm22 ZWater hound43
hSmeagol3 hSirene22 hMalekith the Accursed44
jGreen ooze3 #Dark mist22 hDeath leprechaun44
GPoltergeist3 PFrost giant23 qChaugnar Faugn, Horror from the Hills44
jYellow jelly3 pJade monk23 vLloigor44
IGiant white louse3 jBlack ooze23 PUtgard-Loke44
nBlack naga3 pHardened warrior23 zQuachil Uttaus, Treader of the Dust44
,Spotted mushroom patch3 oAzog, King of the Uruk-Hai23 jShoggoth44
jSilver jelly3 hDark-elven warlock23 M11-headed hydra44
hScruffy-looking hobbit3 pMaster rogue23 GDreadmaster44
aGiant white ant3 bRed dragon bat23 gDrolem44
mYellow mold3 KKiller white beetle23 pKnight Templar44
wYellow worm mass3 sIce skeleton23 #Greater wall monster44
wClear worm mass3 aGiant silver ant23 pUlfang the Black44
eRadiation eye3 aThe Queen Ant23 dDragon of Bad Luck44
~Piranha3 wMulti-hued dragon worm23 bBad Luck Bat from Hell44
cMetallic blue centipede4 IGiant firefly24 pBerserker45
BRaven4 pAngamaite of Umbar24 ~The Watcher in the Water45
*Yellow light4 WForest wight24 ASeraph45
RCave lizard4 hKhim, Son of Mim24 QRotting quylthulg45
pNovice ranger4 hIbun, Son of Mim24 DDeath drake45
jBlue jelly4 BMeneldor the Swift24 DGreat crystal drake45
$Creeping copper coins4 GPhantom beast24 eUndead beholder45
rGiant white rat4 M4-headed hydra24 DEthereal dragon45
oSnotling4 RTyrannosaur24 pWarrior of the Dawn45
~Swordfish4 zMummified human24 LLesser black reaver45
wBlue worm mass4 bVampire bat24 RZoth-Ommog45
JLarge grey snake4 pSangahyando of Umbar24 |The Stormbringer45
pNovice paladin4 .It24 QDemonic quylthulg45
~Giant crayfish4 GBanshee24 QDraconic quylthulg45
hMermaid4 BGwaihir the Windlord24 WAkhorahil the Blind45
pNovice mindcrafter4 qWerebear24 UNalfeshnee45
rSilver mouse4 ~Great white shark24 pAvatar of Nyarlathotep45
cMetallic red centipede5 nWater naga24 #Golgarach, the Living Rock45
sSkeleton kobold5 #Old Man Willow25 DScatha the Worm46
nGreen naga5 PFire giant25 pGrand master thief46
wGiant leech5 cCarrion crawler25 hLeprechaun fanatic46
~Barracuda5 #Xiclotlan25 RSpectral tyrannosaur46
hZog5 gPukelman25 PYibb-Tstll, the Patient One46
jBlue ooze5 qDisenchanter beast25 vGhatanothoa46
GGreen glutton ghost5 hDark-elven druid25 #Ent46
jGreen jelly5 TStone troll25 DItangast the Fire Drake47
kLarge kobold5 jBlack25 mDeath mold47
iGrey icky thing5 wWereworm25 WCharon, Boatman of the Styx47
eDisenchanter eye5 KKiller red beetle25 #Quickbeam, the Ent47
wRed worm mass5 zGhoul25 UMarilith47
JCopperhead snake5 ~Undead stargazer25 pCult leader47
jRot jelly5 ~Killer whale25 JMountain Serpent47
kAquatic kobold5 SGiant brown tick25 BWinged Horror48
GChild spirit5 aGold ant25 DFafner the Dragon48
dBlue Firelizard5 CWolf chieftain26 WRen the Unclean48
hBullroarer the Hobbit5 bDisenchanter bat26 AFallen angel49
qPanda5 qGnoph-Keh26 hEol, the Dark-Elf49
qBlack Horse5 aGiant grey ant26 HBehemoth49
qGrullo5 zKhufu, the Mummified King26 CGarm, Guardian of Hel49
qGrey Horse5 SGiant fire tick26 ULesser Balrog49
qChestnut Horse5 fDisplacer beast26 PLesser titan50
qPalomino5 pUlwarth, Son of Ulfang26 qGoat of Mendes50
pNovice mage6 OCave ogre26 HMaulotaur50
|Death sword6 WWhite wraith26 UBloodthirster50
,Purple mushroom patch6 AAngel26 UThe Balrog of Moria50
pNovice priest6 PGug26 DBrown Dragonrider50
pNovice warrior6 ~Vampiric ixitxachitl26 ,Thread50
hNibelung6 +Void Jumpgate Mimic26 pMaster mystic50
zThe disembodied hand that strangled people6 hMim, Betrayer of Turin27 UThe White Balrog50
mBrown mold6 |Hellblade27 pMaster Unbeliever50
bGiant brown bat6 KKiller fire beetle27 RGorm50
rRat-thing6 qBeast of Nurgle27 pTarget dummy50
pNovice rogue6 $Creeping adamantite coins27 pSnow-covered target dummy50
$Creeping silver coins6 TAlgroth27 pArmoured target dummy50
oSnaga6 ,Flamer of Tzeentch27 pSnow-covered armoured target dummy50
JRattlesnake6 #Roper27 UNycadaemon51
wGiant slug6 HHeadless27 ZNether hound51
RGiant pink frog7 ZVibration hound27 ZTime hound51
hDark-elf7 ZNexus hound27 ZPlasma hound51
zZombified kobold7 OHalf-ogre27 TUlik the Troll51
sCrypt creep7 VVampire27 pHarowen the Black Hand51
oCave orc7 HGorgimaera27 pHell knight52
SWood spider7 HShantak27 DFastitocalon52
uManes7 gColbran27 #Fangorn the Treebeard, Lord of the Ents52
eBloodshot eye7 mShimmering mold27 WJi Indur Dawndeath52
nRed naga7 SMurk dweller27 #The Glass Golem52
jRed jelly7 PStone giant28 BFirebird52
iGreen icky thing7 nSpirit naga28 vStorm of Unmagic53
GLost soul7 ,Corpser28 jEihort, the Thing in the Labyrinth53
RNight lizard7 SFiend of Slaanesh28 LThe King in Yellow53
kMughash, the Kobold Lord7 M5-headed hydra28 UGreat unclean one53
hBullywug7 pBlack knight28 vChaos vortex53
RGiant turtle7 ~Seahorse28 pOld Sorcerer54
dGreen Firelizard7 pClairvoyant28 ~Lesser kraken54
kVort the Kobold Queen7 #Lesser wall monster28 LDemilich54
zRotting corpse8 pMage28 BThe Phoenix54
sSkeleton orc8 hMind flayer28 ULord of Change54
uNurgling8 uDeep one28 vAether vortex54
oLagduf, the Snaga8 RBasilisk28 VElder vampire54
yBrown yeek8 TIce troll28 SShelob, Spider of Darkness55
pNovice ranger8 qBeorn, the Shape-Changer28 AArchon55
RGiant salamander8 eSpectator28 DDracolich55
HCarnivorous flying monkey8 OMerrow28 DDracolisk55
mGreen mold8 bBat of Gorgoroth28 UBarbazu55
pNovice paladin8 pUldor the Accursed28 ZEthereal hound55
uLemure8 wPurple worm29 DNidhogg, the Hel-Drake55
oHill orc8 qCatoblepas29 MThe Lernaean Hydra55
BHunting hawk8 wDhole29 HHastur the Unspeakable55
GPhantom warrior8 mGreater Mimic29 pAr-Pharazon the Golden55
uGremlin8 .Chaos tile29 jNyogtha, the Thing that Should not Be56
hBullywug warrior8 dYoung blue dragon29 #Ahtu, Avatar of Nyarlathotep56
hBullywug shaman8 dYoung white dragon29 hFundin Bluecloak56
pNovice mindcrafter8 dYoung green dragon29 WDwar, Dog Lord of Waw56
pWormtongue, Agent of Saruman9 dYoung bronze dragon29 JSea Serpent56
YYeti9 TAklash29 sHand druj57
iBloodshot icky thing9 ~Elder stargazer29 pGrand master mystic57
rGiant grey rat9 hDimensional shambler29 pTrue Believer57
HBlack harpy9 zGhast30 PGreater titan58
rSkaven9 CFleshhound of Khorne30 HBaphomet the Minotaur Lord58
qCave bear9 gMithril golem30 sEye druj58
rRock mole9 sSkeleton troll30 UDaoloth, the Render of the Veils58
dBaby blue dragon9 RSkeletal tyrannosaur30 wShudde M'ell59
dBaby white dragon9 BThorondor, Lord of Eagles30 sSkull druj59
dBaby green dragon9 aGiant blue ant30 hArtsi, the Champion of Chaos59
dBaby black dragon9 WGrave wight30 ZHound of Tindalos59
dBaby red dragon9 HManticore30 pJack of Shadows60
aGiant red ant9 aGiant army ant30 pLord of Chaos60
pBrodda, the Easterling9 KKiller slicer beetle30 pSaruman of Many Colours60
CBloodfang, the Wolf9 OMountain ogre30 ~Greater kraken60
JKing cobra9 ~Giant octopus30 GExperienced spirit60
qWar bear9 DGreen Dragonrider30 pGandalf the Grey60
IKiller bee9 SAranea30 DBronze Dragonrider60
dBaby bronze dragon9 GExperienced possessor (soul)30 hThrain, the King Under the Mountain60
dBaby gold dragon9 wThe Sandworm Queen30 pGrand Swordsmaster60
hAquatic elf9 pUnbeliever30 RCave Gorm60
dBaby dragon turtle9 *Psychedelic ball30 WNightwing61
dBaby silver dragon9 dYoung silver dragon30 UBile Demon61
pRobin Hood, the Outlaw10 PCloud giant31 AUriel, Angel of Fire61
pBandit10 HGorgon31 pDolphiner61
SGiant spider10 GGhost31 gBone golem61
SGiant white tick10 KDeath watch beetle31 AAzriel, Angel of Death62
gThe Borshin10 dYoung black dragon31 GDreadlord62
hDark-elven mage10 dYoung gold dragon31 qMumak63
yKamikaze yeek10 dYoung red dragon31 DGreat Storm Wyrm63
zServant of Glaaki10 dYoung dragon turtle31 DGreat Ice Wyrm63
hDark-elven warrior10 OLokkak, the Ogre Chieftain32 DGreat Swamp Wyrm63
uSand-dweller10 QNexus quylthulg32 DGreat Wyrm of Perplexity63
,Clear mushroom patch10 zGhoulking32 HKeeper of Secrets64
oGrishnakh, the Hill Orc10 bDoombat32 AGabriel, the Messenger64
bGiant tan bat10 pNinja32 LArchlich64
HOwlbear10 ,Memory moss32 WHoarmurath of Dir64
uBlue horror10 dYoung multi-hued dragon32 UOsyluth65
mHairy mold10 dShadow drake33 ZChaos hound65
mDisenchanter mold10 RBokrug33 gBronze golem65
dPseudo dragon10 pIvory monk33 DGreat Wyrm of Radiance65
uTengu10 TCave troll33 PHru66
$Creeping gold coins10 pAnti-paladin33 fThe Cat Lord66
CWolf10 WBarrow wight33 JHorned Serpent66
IGiant fruit fly10 sSkeleton ettin33 VThuringwethil, the Vampire Messenger67
fPanther10 dChaos drake33 DGreat Hell Wyrm67
pBrigand10 dLaw drake33 eBeholder hive-mother67
hShadow Creature of Fiona10 dBalance drake33 ~Leviathan67
jUndead mass10 dEthereal drake33 EShambler67
#Tangleweed10 PFasolt the Giant33 ~Glaaki67
#Poison ivy10 GShade33 DGreat Bile Wyrm67
pHuman Warrior10 GSpectre33 DGreat Wyrm of Thunder67
~Box jellyfish10 EFire elemental33 pHypnos, Lord of Sleep67
~Giant piranha10 EWater elemental33 HJabberwock68
~Sand mite10 ZMulti-hued hound33 GTselakus, the Dreadlord68
hAquatic elven warrior10 dCrystal drake33 WNightcrawler69
hAquatic elven shaman10 pMystic33 UGelugon69
GYoung spirit10 AArchangel34 PPolyphemus, the Blind Cyclops69
dBrown Firelizard10 THalf-troll34 DSmaug the Golden70
GNovice possessor (soul)10 TBert the Stone Troll34 DGlaurung, Father of the Dragons70
yOrfax, Son of Boldor11 TBill the Stone Troll34 HThe Norsa70
HChaos shapechanger11 TTom the Stone Troll34 SRhan-Tegoth70
dBaby multi-hued dragon11 cCarrion crawler34 DGold Dragonrider70
rVorpal bunny11 pMaster thief34 DTiamat, Celestial Dragon of Evil70
HHippocampus11 LLich34 ASky Blade70
zZombified orc11 eGas spore34 QGreater demonic quylthulg71
HHippogriff11 UBloodletter of Khorne34 QGreater draconic quylthulg71
GDrowned soul11 SGiant grey scorpion34 QGreater rotting quylthulg71
qThe wounded bear12 EEarth elemental34 PYmir, the Ice Giant71
BEagle12 EAir elemental34 PSurtur, the Fire Giant71
JBlack mamba12 uGargoyle34 DGreat Dragon of Bad Luck71
CWhite wolf12 gEog golem34 DT'ron, the Rebel Dragonrider72
jGrape jelly12 dMature white dragon34 UHorned Reaper72
wNether worm mass12 dMature blue dragon34 .Null, the Living Void72
wAbyss worm mass12 dMature green dragon34 WKhamul, the Black Easterling72
oGolfimbul, the Hill Orc Chief12 dMature bronze dragon34 ,Mandragora72
pSwordsman12 zMummified troll34 pLord Jubei, the Legendary Swordsmaster72
rSkaven shaman12 GFire Phantom34 UHorned Reaper72
CMine-dog12 SSaenathra, Daughter of Shelob34 WNightwalker73
fHellcat12 mUltimate Mimic35 eOmarax the Eye Tyrant73
qMoon beast12 gSilent watcher35 SAtlach-Nacha, the Spider God73
yMaster yeek12 PStorm giant35 LBlack reaver74
pPriest12 pGroo, the Wanderer35 RTsathoggua, the Sleeper of N'kai74
hDark-elven priest12 TWater troll35 ZAether hound74
EAir spirit12 EInvisible stalker35 pHela, Queen of the Dead74
sSkeleton human12 hMalicious leprechaun35 DGreat Wyrm of Chaos75
zZombified human12 pDagashi35 DGreat Wyrm of Law75
fTiger12 GHeadless ghost35 DMardra, rider of the Gold Loranth75
GMoaning spirit12 GDread35 SUngoliant, the Unlight75
cStegocentipede12 SLeng spider35 HY'golonac75
jSpotted jelly12 hHalfling slinger35 JThe Serpent of Chaos75
~Tiger shark12 ZGravity hound35 pThe Shadow of Dol Guldur75
~Devilfish12 jAcidic cytoplasm35 qThe Unicorn of Order75
~Ixitxachitl12 ZInertia hound35 VVlad Dracula, Prince of Darkness76
eElectric eye12 ZImpact hound35 JYig, Father of Serpents76
SDrider13 qMumak35 QMaster quylthulg76
bMongbat13 aGiant fire ant35 PAtlas, the Titan76
KKiller brown beetle13 CHellhound35 DSky Drake77
OOgre13 WThe Wight-King of the Barrow-downs35 LFeagwath, the Undead Sorcerer77
$Creeping mithril coins13 UIncubus35 UPit Fiend77
pIllusionist13 USuccubus35 EUnmaker77
pDruid13 dMature silver dragon35 UCyberdemon77
uPink horror13 ZImpact hound35 CFenris Wolf77
(Cloaker13 *Healthy Blob A35 pLord Ken, Fist of the North Star77
oBlack orc13 *Mostly Healthy Blob A35 pThe Mouth of Sauron78
jOchre jelly13 *Wounded Blob A35 DLessa, rider of the Gold Ramoth78
~Flounder13 *Badly Wounded Blob A35 ECthugha, the Living Flame78
dBronze Firelizard13 *Mortally Wounded Blob A35 CBlack Dog78
~Gunfish13 *Healthy Blob B35 PHrungnir, the Stone Giant78
.Lurker14 *Mostly Healthy Blob B35 PThiazi, the Storm Giant78
RVlasta14 *Wounded Blob B35 QQlzqqlzuup, the Lord of Flesh79
FGiant white dragon fly14 *Badly Wounded Blob B35 DF'lar, rider of the Bronze Mnementh79
oSnaga sapper14 *Mortally Wounded Blob B35 DGreat Wyrm of Balance80
iBlue icky thing14 VMaster vampire36 DGreat Wyrm of Many Colours80
jGibbering mouther14 zGreater mummy36 UGreater Balrog80
CWolfhound of Flora14 eGauth36 eCyaegha80
gFlesh golem14 ESmoke elemental36 WThe Witch-King of Angmar80
hCheerful leprechaun14 TOlog36 EDeath orb80
IGiant flea14 EOoze elemental36 ASolar Blade80
oUfthak of Cirith Ungol14 XXorn36 hMaeglin, the Traitor of Gondolin81
IGiant black louse14 #Mist giant36 PNodens, Lord of the Great Abyss81
yBoldor, King of the Yeeks15 GPhantom36 UPazuzu, Lord of Air82
gClay golem15 WGrey wraith36 YIthaqua the Windwalker82
OBlack ogre15 WRevenant36 UPirotessa, Succubus Empress82
YDweller on the threshold15 ?Raal's Tome of Destruction36 CDraugluin, Sire of All Werewolves83
oHalf-orc15 gColossus36 sCantoras, the Skeletal Lord84
nDark naga15 hNightblade36 UMephistopheles, Lord of Hell84
,Magic mushroom patch15 .Trapper36 RThe Tarrasque84
zPlaguebearer of Nurgle15 uBodak36 jAbhoth, Source of Uncleanness85
nGuardian naga15 uMezzodaemon36 PLoki, the Trickster85
rWererat15 uElder thing36 DGreat Wyrm of Power85
ZLight hound15 pNecromancer36 CHuan, Wolfhound of the Valar85
ZDark hound15 pLorgan, Chief of the Easterlings36 UStar-spawn of Cthulhu86
sFlying skull15 dMature red dragon36 CCarcharoth, the Jaws of Thirst86
IMi-Go15 dMature gold dragon36 PKronos, Lord of the Titans87
SGiant tarantula15 dMature black dragon36 ULungorthin, the Balrog of White Fire88
cGiant clear centipede15 pDemonologist36 eShuma-Gorath88
SMirkwood spider15 pChaos master37 ETulzscha, the Green Flame89
HGriffon15 vShardstorm37 DAncalagon the Black90
uHomunculus15 EIce elemental37 jYog-Sothoth, the All-in-One90
hGnome mage15 LCrypt thing37 GWise spirit90
ZClear hound15 IChaos butterfly37 AStar Blade90
#Giant Venus Flytrap15 ~Flying polyp37 UShub-Niggurath, Black Goat of the Woods91
hDwarven warrior15 IShan37 LVecna, the Emperor Lich92
~Octopus15 EMagma elemental37 UNyarlathotep, the Crawling Chaos93
~Undead devilfish15 jBlack pudding37 EAzathoth, the Daemon Sultan93
dGold Firelizard15 KKiller iridescent beetle37 JJormungand the Midgard Serpent94
pPositivist15 vNexus vortex37 gThe Destroyer94
,Unmagic mushroom patch15 vPlasma vortex37 UGothmog, the High Captain of Balrogs95
hCandlebearer15 GShadow37 GOld possessor (soul)95
uDarkling15 TScrag37 UTzeentch, the Changer of Ways96
qGrizzly bear16 eChaos spawn38 UGreat Cthulhu97
CWarg16 EWill o' the wisp38 DSorka, rider of the Gold Faranth97
XUmber hulk16 dMature multi-hued dragon38 pMinion of Doom97
qRust monster16 ~Sky whale38 vForce vortex97
OOgrillon16 uDraebor, the Imp38 vNether vortex97
jGelatinous cube16 pDeath knight38 NNether Guard98
FGiant green dragon fly16 pCastamir the Usurper38 AMichael, the Guardian Overlord98
IHummerhorn16 vTime vortex38 BIronwing98
hLizard man16 vShimmering vortex38 pSauron, the Sorcerer99
pUlfast, Son of Ulfang16 WEmperor wight38 ABrightlance99
BCrebain16 WBlack wraith38 jTest Blob99
uQuasit16 UNightgaunt38 PMorgoth, Lord of Darkness100
oUruk16 UBaron of hell38 tFilthy street urchin127
~Hammerhead shark16 TEldrak38 BSparrow127
HSphinx17 ~Giganto, the Gargantuan38 CScruffy little dog127
uImp17 dMature dragon turtle38 tBlubbering idiot127
TForest troll17 UErinyes38 tBoil-covered wretch127
*Freezing sphere17 JSnake of Yig38 tVillage idiot127
*Jumping fireball17 ACherub39 tPitiful-looking beggar127
*Ball lightning17 ETime elemental39 tMangy-looking leper127
M2-headed hydra17 LMonastic lich39 tAgent of the black market127
HSwamp thing17 WNether wraith39 tSinging, happy drunk127
EWater spirit17 M7-headed hydra39 tAimless-looking merchant127
SGiant red scorpion17 dKavlax the Many-Headed39 tMean-looking mercenary127
EEarth spirit17 wChthonian39 tBattle-scarred veteran127
hNar, the Dwarf17 TEttin39 GTik'srvzllat127
pCultist17 qNight mare39 hSanta Claus127
eEvil eye18 JSwamp Serpent39 .Invisible Dummy127
EFire spirit18 PCyclops40 DBahamut, the Platinum King127
ZFire hound18 VOriental vampire40 *The Living Lightning127
ZCold hound18 uMother Hydra40 jStar Test Blob127
ZEnergy hound18 DAncient blue dragon40 jBlinky Star Test Blob127
mLesser Mimic18 DAncient bronze dragon40 jLoot Test Blob127
+Door Mimic18 eBeholder40 pguy in blue robes127
CBlink dog18 DAncient white dragon40 pmirror image127
,Shambling mound18 DAncient green dragon40 jAnnoying Test Blob127
HChaos beastman18 #Weird fume40 jAnnoying Immune Test Blob127
uDaemonette of Slaanesh18 jSpawn of Ubbo-Sathla40 jArrowing Test Blob127
FGiant bronze dragon fly18 qShadowfax, steed of Gandalf40 jShooting Test Blob127
#Stunwall18 GSpirit troll40 jBolting Test Blob127
~White shark18 TWar troll40 jMissiling Test Blob127
rThe Rat King18 wDisenchanter worm mass40 xThe Hellraiser128
oShagrat, the Orc Captain19 M9-headed hydra40 eDor128
oGorbag, the Orc Captain19 pEnchantress40 NZu-Aon, the Cosmic Border Guard128
gStone golem19 pSorcerer40 POrome, the Hunter200
mRed mold19 XXaren40

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