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 NameLvl NameLvl NameLvl
DGreen Dragonrider30 DFafner the Dragon48 DGlaurung, Father of the Dragons70
DAncient blue dragon40 DBrown Dragonrider50 DGold Dragonrider70
DAncient bronze dragon40 DFastitocalon52 DTiamat, Celestial Dragon of Evil70
DAncient white dragon40 DDracolich55 DGreat Dragon of Bad Luck71
DAncient green dragon40 DDracolisk55 DT'ron, the Rebel Dragonrider72
DBlue Dragonrider40 DNidhogg, the Hel-Drake55 DGreat Wyrm of Chaos75
DAncient black dragon41 DBronze Dragonrider60 DGreat Wyrm of Law75
DAncient red dragon41 DGreat Storm Wyrm63 DMardra, rider of the Gold Loranth75
DAncient gold dragon41 DGreat Ice Wyrm63 DSky Drake77
DAncient dragon turtle41 DGreat Swamp Wyrm63 DLessa, rider of the Gold Ramoth78
DAncient silver dragon41 DGreat Wyrm of Perplexity63 DF'lar, rider of the Bronze Mnementh79
DAncient multi-hued dragon43 DGreat Wyrm of Radiance65 DGreat Wyrm of Balance80
DDeath drake45 DGreat Hell Wyrm67 DGreat Wyrm of Many Colours80
DGreat crystal drake45 DGreat Bile Wyrm67 DGreat Wyrm of Power85
DEthereal dragon45 DGreat Wyrm of Thunder67 DAncalagon the Black90
DScatha the Worm46 DSmaug the Golden70 DSorka, rider of the Gold Faranth97
DItangast the Fire Drake47

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