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Number of results: 62

 NameLvl NameLvl NameLvl
PMartti Ihrasaari0 ISoftware bug14 hSanta Claus52
hMathilde, the Science Student0 .Landmine20 pThe Philosophy Teacher56
tPitiful-looking Cheezer0 gAuto-roller22 pThe Physics Teacher62
zGhoul (Mimic)0 ULesser hell-beast24 .Bouncing mine70
GGhost (Mimic)0 >Stairway to Hell28 PZeus, the Omnipotent70
zZombie (Mimic)0 gThe Ultimate Dungeon Cleaner28 GWar71
VVampire (Mimic)0 RBarney the Dinosaur29 GPestilence74
hGoblin (Mimic)0 ^Landmine30 GFamine77
sSkeleton (Mimic)0 {Little Boy35 GDeath80
UFrankenstein's Monster (Mimic)0 .Time bomb36 RGodzilla84
zFreddy Krueger (Mimic)0 QThe Greater hell magic mushroom were-quylthulg36 UOremorj, the Cyberdemon Lord89
UThe Greater hell-beast1 pThe Insane Player36 UThe Greater Lag Monster95
mMoldoux, the Defenceless Mold1 {Fat Man40 PDarkGod, the Mighty Coder of Hell127
tThe Blubbering idiot, agent of black market, Simon the weak5 sJudge Fire41 PMarylene, Heartbreakeress of the Netherworld127
.Space monster8 zJudge Mortis41 mImprov, the mighty MoLD127
hEwok9 WJudge Fear43 pMad Balancer127
,Quiver slot10 WJudge Death43 eEvil Administrator from Hell127
fHobbes the Tiger10 jVermicious Knid44 GThe Great Pumpkin127
pThe Variant Maintainer10 .Rocket mine50 GThe Great Pumpkin127
IRandom Number Generator10 ~Moby Dick, the White Whale50 GThe Great Pumpkin127
uJan, the Minimite10 pBull Gates52

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