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Number of results: 61

 NameLvl NameLvl NameLvl
GLost soul7 DBlue Dragonrider40 GDreadlord62
uTengu10 .Colour out of space43 HKeeper of Secrets64
yMaster yeek12 hMalekith the Accursed44 LArchlich64
GMoaning spirit12 hDeath leprechaun44 pHypnos, Lord of Sleep67
pIllusionist13 QRotting quylthulg45 DGold Dragonrider70
yBoldor, King of the Yeeks15 QDemonic quylthulg45 DMardra, rider of the Gold Loranth75
uQuasit16 QDraconic quylthulg45 HY'golonac75
uImp17 pGrand master thief46 DLessa, rider of the Gold Ramoth78
HChaos beastman18 hLeprechaun fanatic46 DF'lar, rider of the Bronze Mnementh79
GBanshee24 DBrown Dragonrider50 PNodens, Lord of the Great Abyss81
hMim, Betrayer of Turin27 LThe King in Yellow53 jAbhoth, Source of Uncleanness85
pMage28 LDemilich54 PLoki, the Trickster85
hDimensional shambler29 ULord of Change54 UStar-spawn of Cthulhu86
hMalicious leprechaun35 HHastur the Unspeakable55 eShuma-Gorath88
UIncubus35 jNyogtha, the Thing that Should not Be56 LVecna, the Emperor Lich92
USuccubus35 UDaoloth, the Render of the Veils58 UNyarlathotep, the Crawling Chaos93
pNecromancer36 hArtsi, the Champion of Chaos59 UTzeentch, the Changer of Ways96
pDemonologist36 pSaruman of Many Colours60 UGreat Cthulhu97
EWill o' the wisp38 pGandalf the Grey60 DSorka, rider of the Gold Faranth97
uDraebor, the Imp38 DBronze Dragonrider60 pSauron, the Sorcerer99
pMaster mindcrafter40

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