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 NameLvl NameLvl NameLvl
yOrfax, Son of Boldor11 AGabriel, the Messenger64 DLessa, rider of the Gold Ramoth78
.It24 fThe Cat Lord66 PHrungnir, the Stone Giant78
#Old Man Willow25 pHypnos, Lord of Sleep67 PThiazi, the Storm Giant78
pLorgan, Chief of the Easterlings36 PYmir, the Ice Giant71 DF'lar, rider of the Bronze Mnementh79
uDraebor, the Imp38 PSurtur, the Fire Giant71 PNodens, Lord of the Great Abyss81
pEilinel the Entrapped42 DT'ron, the Rebel Dragonrider72 UPirotessa, Succubus Empress82
hMalekith the Accursed44 pLord Jubei, the Legendary Swordsmaster72 sCantoras, the Skeletal Lord84
PUtgard-Loke44 pHela, Queen of the Dead74 UMephistopheles, Lord of Hell84
~The Watcher in the Water45 DMardra, rider of the Gold Loranth75 PLoki, the Trickster85
hEol, the Dark-Elf49 HY'golonac75 PKronos, Lord of the Titans87
pHarowen the Black Hand51 pThe Shadow of Dol Guldur75 UNyarlathotep, the Crawling Chaos93
HHastur the Unspeakable55 LFeagwath, the Undead Sorcerer77 DSorka, rider of the Gold Faranth97
AUriel, Angel of Fire61 pLord Ken, Fist of the North Star77 AMichael, the Guardian Overlord98
AAzriel, Angel of Death62 pThe Mouth of Sauron78 NZu-Aon, the Cosmic Border Guard128

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